My name is Ben. I have lived in the Republic of Ireland since 1998 and I am originally from France. I have been teaching french for almost a decade at a branch of the Alliance Française and at a language school. I also run my own classes locally. With my dad, I decided to create this blog to help you discover France: its geography, its culture, its historical events and its famous people, etc. We intend that the articles we are writing are easy to read, while at the same time giving you a wealth of new vocabulary that you can use in your day-to-day life.

I always found that articles on the net are made for French native speakers, not for students of the language. The majority of my adult students want to be able to communicate, go to France for their holidays and order food, have a conversation with the locals etc. Basically, they want to immerse themselves in a French speaking country during the length of their stay. Our articles won’t be too difficult to read but we don’t want them to be so easy that you would get bored. It will depend on your level of French.

    my dad and my son Evan

My dad, Jean-François, is a former primary school teacher and principal in a small village of the south-west of France. He has always been a real pain in the neck for spelling and correct use of the language when I was a kid (my brothers and I still slag him because he used to correct our spanish intonation and was very annoying for this!). However, when he was my teacher for 2 years, I improved a lot in spelling and vocabulary. So, now as an adult, I can see the benefit of his approach. Some might call me picky now!

My dad doesn’t say a lot but hides a huge talent for music ( he plays the piano, reads music and plays by ear fantastically well !) and for writing (I still remember his poem “oisiveté”, written on a hospital bed that showed me that hidden talent).

We both share a big interest in music, reading and languages. My dad speaks French and Spanish, and he has a good knowledge of English, even if he doesn’t speak it regularly ! As for myself, English and French of course, and my Italian is getting there. I am also building up my knowledge of German.

As for our interests, my dad likes reading, playing and listening to music (Leonard Cohen etc.) gardening, sports, etc. I like reading, sports, music (Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Fink, Paolo Conte, etc.), teaching French and learning languages. I also love everything Italian, family and friends…